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Putting Customers First

We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service and creating satisfied customers. We work hard to satisfy your cashflow needs and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Not Just Factoring

Why spend your time creating invoices, sending invoices out and trying to collect on your freight bill.  Leave this tedious work to us!!!  Work on growing your business and making a better living.  We'll take care of the invoicing and paperwork.

Non Recourse Factoring
We keep it simple.  With Non-Recourse Factoring you don't have to worry about reserve accounts, buybacks, etc.  Once you sell your invoice to us, you can forget about it.  That is the beauty of Non-Recourse Factoring.

Recourse Factoring
Lower rates than Non Recourse Factoring.  You take on the credit risk.  A reserve account is established and buybacks can occur.  If your accounts pay quickly, this is a better option.  
Protect Yourself with Free Customer Credit Reports
In todays economy it is difficult to know if and when you'll get paid for your delivery.  To help protect our clients, we offer free credit checks to all of our factoring clients.  You may check credit on all of your customers, even if you don't factor them, and determine whether you want to haul a load for them.  This free service is provided to all of our factoring clients.  All you have to do is factor 2 invoices per month with us.

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